Punkbuster: Still a Thing

So yeah, Punkbuster is still a thing. I had this weird issue while playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 where suddenly every server would instantly reject connection with the message “you need to have punkbuster installed and running…”

Fortunately, an observant user by the name of NeOn over at the Steam forums noticed the fix

This fix is for those who have tried everything, updating PB manually, starting service etc, but still ending up with the message: “You need to have Punkbuster installed and running”.

The fix:
– Start BF BC2, go to Options>Settings and under “Gameplay”, tick the “ALLOW PUNKBUSTER”.
– Join a server and play!

What’s odd, is that I’ve never unticked that option after installing BC2, still it was unticked.

Neither had I! Glad someone is keeping their eyes open.