World Power

I recently bought a Hitachi 1TB external hard drive for all the backing up I should probably be doing, and was surprised to find it comes with not only an AC adapter that will accept 100-240v, but also an array of international power socket attachments. Having lived abroad, I’ve dealt with the consequences of devices that don’t even have AC adapters that deal with the full range of voltages, and let me tell you, it’s a pain. Either you’d have to buy a transformer (not the awesome kind), which is expensive and can usually only deal with one device, or you buy a whole new one of whatever device it is.

I imagine the thinking behind making this hard drive internationally usable lies in the already existing international power supplies that come with notebook PCs, rather than a drive to bring us all closer together. It’s true that some things probably aren’t going with you to another country if you emigrate, but when portable devices like the Nintendo DS don’t even come with a power adapter that will accept other voltages, you have to wonder if Nintendo ever conceived of someone travelling with it.

As far as I’m concerned, the more devices that support around-the-world usage the better, even if it’s just an external hard drive.