Evolutionary Diet

Our problem with eating a healthy diet typically stems from not ever needing to evolve the ability to know when to stop eating the things that appeal to out tastes the most. Sugar and fat are probably highest on the list of things that are bad for our health in large quantities, so why do they taste so darned good? As our tastes evolved over millennia, those were the most scarce of foods. However, now that we have the ability to manipulate the world around us, our tastes and digestive systems haven’t caught up–we still crave fats and sugars, except we’re not programmed to stop eating them when we probably should.

While watching a show about an attempt to overcome the desire for sugar in almost everything, it occurred to me that there are almost no natural examples of fat and sugar in the same food. An orange has sugars, but no fat, while an avocado has fat, but no sugars. The only naturally occurring example I can think of is milk, which makes some sense, given its role as nutrition for infants. Given this, and the earlier observation that our digestive systems were designed around whatever was available in the natural world, would it not therefore make sense to devise a diet that allowed for all foods, but not high-fat and high-sugar foods in the same meal? Granted, this would probably eliminate almost all deserts, but maybe that’s evidential in itself.

Who knows, it could end up becoming the next Hay Diet!

By Ben

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